Read About The Tea Variety – Oolong Tea – White Tea

Everything and Anything can happen over a cup of tea. It can make a business deal going, make 1 laugh and cry, gods understands we could find our life partner as well, but have we ever wondered exactly what sort of a cup of tea finest matches our situation ? Well my trip to the estate gave me a vague idea of relating a cup of tea together with the situation that best matches it. After all “anything could happen over a cup of tea”.japanese green tea

In the start, I came across the black tea. Black tea requires the most processing of the 3 main varieties. Therefore, it’s the refined of all. It best suits a scenario when a person is enjoying a morning java. It’s of rich flavor; largely varieties include Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam Traditionally, it can be appreciated after a work out or a late nightstand. True to its status, it may give a kick and keep you fresh daily.

Not far behind was the creation of this green tea. This is Japan’s pleasure, with its grassy flavor and green colour. It is most appropriate for business workouts. Japanese culture comprises “that the gyokuro (green tea) as one of the main welcome drinks. For that reason, it will not take too much time to impress a client.

Therefore, it was the oolong tea, the next in line of production. Oolong tea lies somewhere in the center between green and black tea, a special balance between green tea’s delicacy and black tea’s depth. A tea with dual characteristics can only fit one situation – “The normal workplace goers”. One that will keep you fresh daily and with its grassy taste an individual can keep sipping a cup of tea while on the job.

Subsequently came the millionaire’s option, the green tea. White tea is the least expensive and least processed tea variety. That is rare and very expensive tea is chosen as dawn breaks. They exude a whitish/gray colour to the liquid, thus the title ‘white tea’. True to its title. Its one of the most expensive beverage. Apart from being expensive. It’s the riches party beverage.

Last in line of manufacturing was the blossom and spiced tea. Scented teas can be made naturally by mixing various flowers and petals with green or oolong teas. Jasmine tea is one of the best known of the scented types. Aside from mixing, one can combine various flavors.-peach, cherry, vanilla, etc.. This cup of tea is most suitable for youths. Notably fans. One can enjoy a cup of tea with all the desirable taste. Spicy makes it intriguing for it is best known medication for hangovers.

Eventually whatever might be the kind of tea; if it’s blossom or spicy, white or black, it stems from the Assam or out of parts of Japan, tea is the best sort of refreshment. Catch a sip at the morning and freshen up, get lively and get going.

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