What’s The Best Domain Name For Your Insurance Agency Website?

You ‘d more than likely state the answer is the name of your firm. If your firm name is ABC Insurance coverage, your domain should be, right? Besides, your consumers, people in your neighborhood and your insurance policy target audience recognize you by that name. Which’s alright, if you do not intend to utilize your site to find BRAND-NEW customers
The trouble with ABC Insurance policy is that it’s not a great search term. Do a Google search, for instance, on ABC Insurance coverage, and you’ll get pages and also pages of listings for ABC Insurance, with places throughout the country. Actually, you might be shocked that many insurance coverage companies have ABC in their name. This is primarily since in the pre-Internet days when Yellow Pages marketing dominated the search market, companies selected strong names that placed closest to the beginning of the alphabet, since that’s where the listings for a category, such as insurance, start. Have you ever seen the tv commercial where the proprietor has named his auto service center AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Vehicle Repair work to get a much better Yellow Pages ranking? This is dumb mostly because rarely anybody utilizes the Yellow Pages anymore.
Today, smart insurance coverage online marketers still intend to be where all the eyeballs start looking. However the strategy is different.
If you intend to enhance your domain for the very best search ranking – referred to as search engine optimization, or SEO – you should keep 3 things in mind: place, function and also branding. These will certainly establish just how online search engine rank the key words of your domain in a search inquiry.
Place: With almost 400,000 insurance policy agents, brokers and business doing business in the U.S., it’s difficult to stand apart, specifically in a metropolitan area. Here’s where specificity issues. Include the name of your city in your domain name, especially if it’s a little city. There are thousands of companies selling auto insurance in the San Francisco Bay Location, but there’s just one or
Function: The place example I simply gave,, additionally highlights how you can concentrate on function in your domain, in this case the type of insurance policy item you concentrate on. Or you can develop a domain that includes your task description: Or you might make use of:,, The goal here is in order to help individuals find you on internet search engine. If they currently know your name, the focus on function will certainly be practical. If they don’t, you probably wish to focus primarily on place, after that function.
Branding: If at all feasible, include your firm name, at the very least a variant of it, in your domain name, to build on the insurance company branding you have actually developed. If your firm name is Jack Jones Insurance Firm, the instances I just offered will work very well. You might have a domain without your firm name in it if it claims something that is essential concerning your brand. For example, perhaps a significant element of your branding is your connection to your target audience.