Disney World Baby – A Guide To Travel With Your Baby Or Toddler

A vacation to Disney World brings out the child in all of us. Disney World Florida is one of the most popular family destinations. We all know that travel can be stressful. Add a baby or toddler to that journey and the stress level can be off the scale. However, it does not have to be that way Baby Gears Guide.
I have traveled extensively with my children, and visited Disney World many times, and there are definitely ways to make it an easier experience. The planning starts before you go. Firstly, you can pack lightly if you plan. Remember that it is not going to be the end of the world if you forget something. There are lots of stores at Disney World! If you start with this mind set then you will find that it no longer seems like a good idea to pack a huge suitcase just for your baby. Pack a couple of days supply of diapers, wipes and any special food that you need in your suitcase, and a days supply in your hand luggage. Remember that clothes can always be washed, diapers and food can be purchased when you get there. If you stay in a Florida vacation rental this is very easy – you will have a washer and dryer and will be located close to stores, or may even have a sundry store on site, to stock up on supplies.
If you fly with a child aged under 2 you can decide if you want to purchase a seat for them or not. If you do not buy them a seat you will have to travel with them on your lap. It is tempting to save money and not book a seat. Your primary concern will of course be the safety of your child. You will be very glad that you purchased a seat for your child if you have a turbulent flight or bumpy landing. If you have a seat for your baby then you can take your FAA approved car seat and strap it into to the plane seat.
You should take your car seat on board with you even if you do not have a seat for your child. It may be that there are empty seats on the plane which you can use, and also, if you have your seat with you then it will not be damaged or lost in checked luggage. When an airline lost one of my car seats and I was stuck with hiring one for the week I decided that never again would I trust my seat to the checked luggage lottery!
Always take your own stroller. Yes, you can rent them in the Disney World parks, but obviously this adds to your costs, and isn’t any use in the airport! When traveling with a young baby I always carried the baby in a sling and used the stroller to carry the car seat. This also makes it easier when you are getting through airport security. You have to fold up your stroller and put it through the X-ray machine and this is easier to do if you have your child in the sling. You will then have to take your child out of the sling and follow the instructions of the TSA screener to walk through the metal detector.
Many airlines allow you to pre board with young children. Ask the check in staff if this isn’t clear company policy and they may let you pre board anyway. This is particularly important when traveling with airlines that do not have seat assignment – you really do not want to fight your way to your seat with a baby, your car seat and your hand luggage.
On board remember to take your child’s favorite, quiet, toy. Pack lots of small items in an easily accessible bag. Do not expect your baby or toddler to find the in-flight magazine entertaining once they have chewed it for a couple of minutes.

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